The 7th International Soybean Processing and Utilization Conference (ISPUC VII) is organized by Northeast Agricultural University, Harbin, China. The ISPUC VII conference will be hold in between August and September 2016. The ISPUC VII will be a venue for spreading information on the existing soybean technologies. The ISPUC VII will act as a platform to disseminate the most recent research and field advances to the international soybean counterparts. The ISPUC VII will cover the new

Conference topics

Soybean and human health


Soybean Nutrition
Biological functionality of Soybean
Soybean and human health

Raw materials of soybean processing


The features of soybean all over the world
Raw material and processing features of soybean
The growth environment influence on the quality of soybean
Quality changes of soybean in storage, transportation and processing

The chemical and functional properties of soybean


Composition and physicochemical properties of soybean protein
Composition and physicochemical properties of soybean oil
Composition and physicochemical properties of Soybean polysaccharide

Soybean processing technology and equipment


Designations and applications of soybean processing equipment
New processing technologies of soybean
Quality detection and monitoring of soybean processing


Development and application of new soybean products


Development of new soybean food production
Nonfood utilization of soybean
Functional product development of soybean
Comprehensive utilization of soybean by-products

Soybean business and trade


Prospect analysis of soybean industry and economy
Storage and transportation of soybean
Sustainability of soybean production
Soybean supply and trade policy

Soybean dietary culture


Cultural heritage of traditional bean products
Aesthetic appreciation of soybean food




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